Mossy Masthead


Melissa Martini

Editor-in-Chief & Social Media

Melissa Martini (she/her) is a short fiction writer and Capricorn from New Jersey. She studied Creative Writing in both undergrad and graduate school at Seton Hall University. Currently, she serves as Founder & EIC of Moss Puppy Magazine. She can be found @melissquirtle and her publications can be viewed here.


Shelby Petkus

Prose Reader

Shelby Petkus (she/her) is an ESL teacher and writer based in Michigan along with her husband and three kids. She's been featured in Pregnant Chicken, Still Standing Magazine and PrideSource Media and writes about loss, life and more at

Twitter @raging_banshee


Katy Naylor

Prose Reader

Katy Naylor (she/her) is a writer from the south east coast of England. She writes prose, poetry and text adventure games, and has been published in places including Ellipsis Zine, Expat Lit and the Bear Creek Gazette. She is the EIC of the voidspace (@_voidspace_zine) an online mag dedicated to interactive arts of all kinds. 

Find her on twitter @voidskrawl


Laura Bibby

Poetry Reader, Prose Reader

With a BA in Creative Writing from Griffith University, Laura (she/her) loves to write poetry and  fiction that weaves her past life as a florist with the strange and ominous. When not scribbling in her notebook, she can be found playing video games, wandering the botanical gardens or among the stacks of her local secondhand bookstore. She lives in Brisbane, Australia. 

Twitter @bloomurder


L.M. Cole

Poetry Reader

L.M. Cole (she/her) is a poet and artist living on the US East Coast. She is a mom, frequenter of outdoor spaces, quietly queer disaster. Find her on Twitter



Ly Faulk

Poetry Reader

Ly Faulk (they/them) has loved reading and writing for as long as they could read and write. They still believe in the power of the written word to change lives. They hold a B.A. in Creative Writing.


Veronica Jarboe

Poetry Reader

Veronica Jarboe (she/her) is a California resident, and her previously published works include "Beach" published in the Anthology of Young American Writers. Some of her other published works can be seen in Re-Side Magazine, Yours Poetically, Moss Puppy Magazine and others. She is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

Mocha, Bella, and Mipha (she/her) are the moss puppies. Mocha is a senior shih-tzu, Bella is a hurricane of a shih-tzu mix, and Mipha is a mini newfypoo who is much more like Daruk.

Furgus (he/him) is our Twitter mascot, whose name was chosen via Twitter polls. His middle name is Blort, despite our EIC's preference for "Pete Boggs."